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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Are you having trouble reaching for that top press? Do you struggle to hold onto that overhead handle during your tube commute?

Start your road to recovery with Gerard today. With his ongoing interest in shoulder pathologies, he is excited about dealing with your shoulder pain and achieving great results.

Get Rid of Shoulder Pain Fast

Shoulder pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Many factors can cause it; some are simple and easily treated, others are more serious and require medical attention.

The most frustrating thing about shoulder pain is its ability to affect daily living activities. These include simple things like putting on clothes and preparing food for oneself, to more complex activities such as driving and sports.

Let's talk about the most common causes of shoulder pain, what you can do about it, and when to see a specialist.

Shoulder Injuries

The most common type of shoulder injury is an acromioclavicular joint disruption or AC joint sprain. This usually occurs when you fall on an outstretched arm but can also be caused by a direct blow to the clavicle or scapula. This generally results in pain, swelling, bruising, and in some cases, a visible deformity.

Treatment for this condition is similar to treating a sprain of the ankle or wrist by reducing pain and inflammation. Our physiotherapists will advise on the best treatment plan.

Shoulder impingement

Impingement syndrome is a condition in which the soft tissues of the shoulder are 'pinched' between the humeral head and the acromion process. The rotator cuff tendons especially are most susceptible to this injury.

The most common form of impingement is subacromial bursitis. This condition is characterized by a painful, swollen, and stiff shoulder which typically presents within 1-2 months of onset. Our expert physiotherapists with interest in sports can help you with this condition. They will advise you on the best treatment plan and provide exercises to accelerate recovery.

Shoulder arthritis

Arthritis is a degenerative condition of the joints which results in pain, stiffness, and swelling. The most common form of arthritis affecting the shoulder joint is osteoarthritis. It's primarily caused by wear and tear over time but can also be accelerated by injury or other conditions such as gout or rheumatoid arthritis.

Sufferers of osteoarthritis experience pain and stiffness in the shoulder, which may also be accompanied by swelling. It tends to occur later in life, after 40 years, due to the increasing degeneration of the tissues lining the joint. The mainstay of treatment is pain management using physiotherapy.

Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is the most common cause of chronic shoulder pain. It usually occurs in individuals with diabetes, thyroid disease, and arthritis. The condition causes stiffness and severe pain within the shoulder joint region.

This condition presents with the gradual onset of a stiff, painful shoulder that limits the range of motion. Over time it becomes increasingly difficult to rotate or raise the arm. Physiotherapy delivered by our expert physiotherapists will help restore range of motion and strength in the shoulder.

Biceps tendinopathy

Tendinopathies are the most common cause of shoulder pain in adults. This condition occurs when there is inflammation and degeneration of the tendon tissue resulting in pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion.

The most common cause of this is overuse or injury that causes damage to the tendon attachments. Treatment includes pain management, physiotherapy, and corticosteroid injection, depending on the severity of the problem.

Rotator cuff strain

A rotator cuff strain occurs when there is inflammation of one or more of the muscles that attach to the rotator cuff tendons. These muscles are responsible for stabilizing and moving your shoulder joint, and a strain happens when one of these muscles is hurt by overuse or injury.

This condition presents with gradual onset of pain around the shoulder joint after an activity that requires repetitive shoulder movement, such as swimming. Our expert physiotherapists know how to treat this condition and restore strength in your rotator cuff muscles.

Lateral/medial epicondylitis

Also referred to as Tennis elbow and Golfers elbow respectively

These are common injuries known as tennis and golfer's elbow, respectively and generally occur due to overuse or injury. Medial and lateral epicondylitis both present with pain in your elbow region, which may also radiate to the forearm, wrist, and thumb.

SLAP lesions

Superior labrum anterior to posterior (SLAP) lesions are caused by trauma or overuse and present with pain radiating down your shoulder and upper arm.

You may experience a popping sensation in the shoulder region during injury and/or repetitive use of the shoulder, such as throwing. Treatment is geared towards diagnosing and correcting the underlying pathology, along with pain management and physiotherapy.

Other causes include:

Pectoralis major rupture, scapulothoracic dysfunction, AC joint injury, and glenohumeral arthritis.

Seek Professional Help 

If you or a friend experience any of these symptoms, our team of expert physiotherapists can accurately diagnose and successfully treat your condition. We can help you back to your daily activities and sports using the latest physiotherapy techniques.

Give us a call on 07521064360, Email:, or make an appointment online.

Frozen Shoulder Exercises

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