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Many people that suffer from headaches often are unaware that the headache is often referral from muscular tension in the neck and shoulders. An alternative form of cure, involves soft tissue release and tripper point therapies on the occipital's and shoulder blades

Get Rid of Headaches For Good 

Headache is the most common health problem that people tend to have. It can be either dull, throbbing, or sharp pain on either one side of the head or both sides, occurring with nausea and/or vomiting.

When you have a headache, you tend to restrict activities such as work and rest at home. The pain becomes worse by looking into bright lights, loud sounds, and stress. 

What are the causes of headaches?

There are a couple of reasons that could cause headaches. Let's look at some of them.

Muscular tension in the neck and shoulders

Headaches are usually caused by muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. If you have tried to sit in front of a computer for long hours, your head is placed forward, which can cause your muscles to be overstretched. You may experience neck pain, and then you get a headache because your muscles are tense. Physiotherapy treatment delivered by our company's physiotherapists can help you with headaches.

Trigger points

Trigger points are considered as hyperirritable spots in the muscles that often cause pain, tenderness, and sometimes referred pain to other areas of the body. The headache is usually triggered after stress or overuse of your arms, shoulders, and neck muscles.

Blood vessel disorder

A few reasons can cause a disorder in your blood vessels, such as your neck and head muscles have been overworked, you are having a history of migraines, and so on. A headache could be experienced at the back of your head or around your eye, which is caused by a disorder in the blood vessels.

Your physiotherapist will use manual therapy to relax stiff muscles and improve blood flow to reduce your headache. You can reduce the risk of getting neck and head pain by doing neck exercises that our physiotherapists will teach you during physiotherapy treatment sessions.


Whether you have a stressful job, home life, or school life, stress can impact many aspects of your life. It's even possible for muscle tension to be a result due to the stress in your life. You could experience a headache when you are stressed because your muscles are tense and contracted around your neck and shoulders.

Our physiotherapists can provide you with a program for stress-relieving exercises that will help decrease the tension and stress that has been put on your neck and shoulders.

Tension based headaches

Tension headaches are usually experienced at any time. This headache is caused by stress and fatigue that has been put on the muscles in your neck, jaw, and shoulders. Our physiotherapists can provide you with a program to decrease stress so you will not feel tension. Other than this, your physiotherapist can also perform manual therapy for neck pain so you will not feel tension or pain after experiencing it.

Occipital release headaches

When your muscles are stiff, you can experience a headache at the back of your head, which is known as Occipital release headaches. Your physiotherapist will perform massage to help relax these muscles so these headaches can be reduced.

Sinus headache

Sinus headaches are caused when you have an inflammation in your nasal cavities. This will lead to the sinuses becoming congested, which results in pain in the forehead or around the eye socket. You can get rid of these kinds of headaches by taking over-the-counter medication for pain. However, our physiotherapists can provide you with a treatment that will help reduce pain and headache for good by reducing inflammation.

Seek professional help

If you experience migraines or headaches, it is important to see your physiotherapist as soon as possible so you can be given the appropriate treatment and exercises.

At The Health Movement - Exercise & Physiotherapy Clinic, our physiotherapists are committed to providing you with the best treatment possible that will get rid of your headaches. Through Acupuncture and Manual Therapy, you can be given the best treatment and exercises.

Contact us today on 07521064360, Email:, or make an appointment online.

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