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Neck Pain

Do you find yourself holding your neck on a daily basis? Are you sitting at an office from day to day?

Gerard has a growing track record of improving clients suffering from neck pain. He offers a hands on approach kickstarting your recovery.

Neck Pain

Eliminate Chronic Neck Pain

The backbone of the human body, the neck, houses many important structures. These include blood vessels carrying nourishment to and from your brain, numerous nerves that allow us to control every aspect of our body, and of course, the spine itself. A vital part of our nervous system, it is no wonder that neck pain can be so debilitating.

 A large portion of the world’s population will experience some level of neck pain at one stage or another in their lifetime. When one does experience neck pain, its effects can be extremely painful and bothersome. It is important for everyone to know how to recognize the signs of neck pain early on so that they may treat it accordingly - before it becomes too severe.

What are the Causes of Neck Pain, and how can they be treated?

Poor Posture

A large proportion of neck pain is attributed to problems with our posture, specifically our neck position. Unfortunately, many people are either unaware or simply do not bother to look after their neck, allowing it to jut forward and down relative to the rest of their spine.

Common causes of poor posture include; work, driving, looking down at your phone or computer for long periods, and generally slouching. If left untreated, this may lead to muscle strain and the formation of spasms. Our expert physiotherapists at The Health Movement can help you develop a suitable treatment plan to combat poor posture.

Sleeping Positions 

 Sleeping on your back, away from the edge of the bed, can cause neck strain as there is no support for your head or neck - meaning that the muscles have to work to keep your head up.

It is important that you have the correct support for your neck, whether this is via a pillow or other device. The general rule of thumb would be to ensure that your ear, shoulder, and hip are all aligned. If you feel like you need additional support for your neck while sleeping, visit our physiotherapists regarding the use of a supportive pillow and various exercise techniques. We will be more than happy to advise regarding suitable pillows and any exercises that may help you develop better posture.

Neck stiffness and pain after a long drive  

Sitting in the car for long periods can sometimes lead to stiffness and pain, as well as aches at the base of your head. Driving puts stress on your neck muscles, which tightens up, leading to this pain and stiffness. Many people find relief by doing simple neck stretches throughout the day. Visit our physiotherapists so they can provide you with suitable stretching regimes for your individual body, as well as equipment such as a travel pillow and back support cushion.

Trapped nerve from a herniated disc

Herniated discs are very common, especially in people who have been involved in an accident. In this case, the spinal disc may herniate and press on a nearby nerve root, which can cause pain to radiate out from your neck into your shoulder or arm. If left untreated, this could lead to chronic pain as well as paralysis of the arm. If you are experiencing pain in your neck, which is not easing with the recommended treatments above, please come to our clinic for an assessment from one of our experienced physiotherapists.

Muscular strain

Muscle strain is extremely common after an accident, especially if the neck has been forced to move excessively or torqued. It can take quite some time for your body to recover from these injuries, but rest assured that you will be able to get back on track with the right treatment.

At our physiotherapy clinic, we have highly qualified personnel who will be able to develop a suitable treatment plan that is specific to you. We use a variety of techniques, including; soft tissue therapy, massage, and joint mobilization. Visit us for an assessment today, and we can begin working with you on relieving your neck pain! 


Whiplash is an extremely common condition that can occur after a car accident due to the sudden jolting of the head. It is characterized by neck pain and stiffness, which may be accompanied by headaches or discomfort in your arms, shoulders, or back. If you are suffering from whiplash, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible, as the longer you leave it, the less likely it will be that your injury will heal. Our physiotherapists will create a suitable treatment plan for you to help you on your road to recovery.

Seek Professional Help 

Neck pain can be caused by a wide variety of problems, and as such, it is important to seek professional help. Our physiotherapists will create a suitable treatment plan for you and work closely with you to make sure your injury heals quickly and painlessly.

We have many years of experience working with all types of neck pain, so feel free to contact us for an assessment or more information. We will tailor the treatment to your individual body so you can begin feeling comfortable and pain-free as soon as possible!

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Neck Pain Exercise Ideas

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